Hello friends, here i’ll answer you a few questions about this blog and myself! Here you will learn everything you need to know or have always wanted to know.

Let’s get started…

FAQ about the blog

Who is this blog for?

  • For everyone who likes big cocks and hot guys!

May I read this blog?

  • Yes, if you are older than 18 years!

Are there rules?

Yes, …

  1. Please be nice in the comments!
  2. Do not insult or discriminate against anyone!
  3. Please do not post any ads in the comments, I consider that spam!

Anyone who violates these rules must expect to delete their comments and block them!

Why was this blog created?

  • There was a reaction to the ban on adult content on tumblr on 12-17-2018!

Which blogs have been blocked and deleted by Tumblr?

  • mutantmen.tumblr.com
  • mutant-muscle.tumblr.com
  • mutant-bulge.tumblr.com
  • mutantmen-classics.tumblr.com

Will the images from these blogs be uploaded here again?

  • Yes, I have specially created categories for it!

  • Please understand, I have not uploaded all the pictures already, I will still do it, is very time consuming!

Can I upload and share posts by myself?

  • No, unfortunately, the space is limited to this server!
  • I will, as soon as I am able to port this website to a dedicated server, then maybe I can offer such a service!

How can I support you?

Yes, …

  1. Like, share and comment!
  2. Subscribe to this Blog!
  3. Tell your friends about this website!
  4. Follow me on Twitter!
  5. Support me at www.patreon.com!
  6. Support me at www.onlyfans.com!

When do you post new morphs/GIFs?

  • I’m constantly making new morphs and they are also being posted on this blog!
  • Please keep in mind that only the morphs/GIFs will be published on Patreon/OnlyFans and only appear on this blog 6-8 weeks later!

How long do you need for a picture?

  • 10-15 minutes, but sometimes a whole hour!

Why are GIFs so rare?

  • They are very time consuming, I need 2-6 h for a GIF!
  • I often miss the time!
  • But there will be new ones!

Can you morph my cock?

I run my own website and would like to morph you pictures for me, is that possible?

I have a question or want a post removed, how does it work?

  • Send me an email with your question to mutantmen@gmx.net
  • Please send me the link of the post and a short explanation why the post should be deleted!

I will answer as soon as possible !!!

Do you actually get support?

Yes, …

  • All my fans! Thank you!!!
  • All Patrons on Patreon! Thank you!!!
  • All donate the money! Thank you!!!
  • And especially my friend M, he supports me for over a year and without him there would be no www.mutantmen.net! THANK YOU!!!

FAQ about me!!!

How old are you and where are you from?

  • I was born on January 30, 1987 in Berlin (Germany)!
  • Currently I live in Kiel (Germany)

How long have you been working on pictures?

  • I started in 2007, first for myself and from 2014 on Tumblr!

Which languages do you speak?

  • German and English

Can I meet you?

  • No and I ask you to respect my privacy!